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Leak Billing Adjustment–Form 2005-F
Pool Billing Adjustment–Form 2005-D
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  1. The Utility Commission may under unusual and/or special circumstances, non-reoccurring and rare in nature, provide reasonable adjustments based upon such mitigating conditions, which appear to require such adjustment to a utility bill.  The burden of proof shall rest with the customer and there is absolutely no obligation on the commission to provide any such adjustment.  The Utility Superintendent or his designer shall maintain a file of any such adjustments granted under this policy for review by the Utility Commission.
    1. An adjustment may be made to individual residential water billings, if a high usage occurs which causes volume to exceed 200% of the average during the previous 12 months.  An adjustment may be made for any amount over 200% of the average bill; however, no bill so adjusted shall be reduced to less than 3,000 gallons.  The commission may determine to extend this adjustment to more than one billing if it appears to be part of the same occasion.  The adjustment period shall not extend beyond two months. In the event that a customer has not had service for six continuous months when the leak occurs, the adjustment will be withheld for six months after the leak is repaired so that an average consumption can be established.  In the event the water leak does not discharge into the sanitary sewer system an adjustment will be made on the sewer portion of the utility bill.
    2. The adjustment shall be made to the customers average consumption at the retail rate plus the actual production costs of the water and/or sewer.  The production costs shall be determined by the most current cost of service report outlining the individual cost per 1,000 gallons.
    3. The Utility Superintendent shall submit the “Request for Adjustment” forms at the regular monthly meeting.
    4. Any adjustment under this policy requires the customer to complete a Request for Adjustment form and to present the form, along with proof that the leak was repaired, to the Utility Commission during its regular monthly meeting.
    5. On the occasion the Utility Commission denies an adjustment, they may elect to establish a payment plan in special circumstances when needed and may also cease such plan for any delinquency or non-payment.  The payment plan shall be in writing.

  2. It is the policy of the Utility Commission to grant a one time per calendar year sewer adjustment for filling a swimming pool.The adjustment is based on the gallons of water required to fill the customers swimming pool. Customers who request an adjustment must sign and complete the Commission’s Pool Adjustment Form.



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