Frequently Asked Questions - Natural Gas

How do I sign up for natural gas service?
What is natural gas?
How safe is natural gas?
What should I do if I smell gas or suspect a gas leak?
Does the Utility Commission have a budget plan to offset the high gas costs during the    winter?
Does the Commission still read my meter although I am on the budget plan?


Start Service
If you are a new customer in the city or service area, the appropriate deposit and paperwork must be presented in your name. All paperwork should be complete and accurate. To see details on the required deposit(s), view and print our new service form, or check to see if you are in our service area, click the appropriate link below:

Services Offered
Fees & Rates
New Utility Service Form 2005-A

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Natural Gas Defined
Natural gas is a non-toxic, colorless, fuel that is about one-third lighter than air. Gas burns, but only when mixed with air in the right proportion and ignited by a spark or flame. In its purified state, natural gas has no smell. For your protection, the Commission adds a harmless, distinctive, odor so you can detect and report the slightest gas leak.

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How Safe is Natural Gas
Natural gas has an excellent safety record, but like other forms of energy, it requires a certain amount of caution. Gas emergencies are rare but can happen:

  • Whenever gas leaks from a pipe or pipe fitting, there is the possibility of fire or explosion.
  • If leaking gas accumulates in a confined space, it can displace air and cause suffocation.
  • If a gas appliance is not working properly, incomplete combustion can produce carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.
  • A pilot light or gas burner can ignite combustible materials and flammable vapors, such as gasoline, paint thinners, or aerosols.

For more natural gas safety information, please read "How to Prevent Gas Emergencies."

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Suspected Leaks
Call the Commission at (606) 474-7569 during regular business hours. After hours call (606) 474-5731. If the odor is very strong and you are indoors, open windows and doors to ventilate. Go outside. Call us from a neighbors house.

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Gas Budget Plan
Yes. The Commission offers a Leveled Natural Gas Budget Billing Plan. The budget begins on July 1st and runs through June 30th. To be eligible you must complete and submit the Agreement for Leveled Natural Gas Budget Billing Form 2006-K.

Meter readings are still obtained monthly while you are on the budget plan.

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