City of Grayson Water Treatment Plant The City of Grayson first began treating and distributing potable drinking water to the residents of Grayson in 1931. Since that time our Treatment capacity has grown from 100,000 Gallons a day to 3.0 Million gallons per day. Today, the Grayson Utilities Commission provides water service to 4,200 customers. The customer base is made up of approximately 3,700 residential customers and 500 commercial customers and 2 industrial customers. The distribution system has 190 miles of various size water lines. There are currently 7 water storage tanks located throughout the system. We also have 10 water booster pump stations that we operate and maintain to provide adequate pressure to various areas throughout the system.

In 1998, with the completion of the AA highway, the water system service area increased greatly with the line extensions that followed along the AA highway.  Water lines were also extended along Everman’s Creek and Iron Hill.  In 2000 a grant was received to extend water into the Hannah Lane,Wilson Creek Road, Pactolus areas, just North of Grayson.  In 2001, another grant, along with a loan, was obtained to extend water into various areas of Carter and Greenup Counties.  This project served the areas of Salem Road, Sutton Road, James Road, Colen Branch Road and Tygarts Creek Road in Carter County, as well as serving Throng Prong Road (KY-784), and Leatherwood in Greenup County.

In 2007 new water lines were extended on Zornes Branch and a new larger waterline extended on Stinson Creek and Canoe Run.  This project also included the replacement of the existing Sunset Hill Booster pump station and replacement of old waterlines along Shady Lane, Hickory Street and Town Branch.

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